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​Catastrophes Cat Rescue


Our aim is to help any cat that is in need and we believe that every cat deserves the chance of a good home.

Our aim has always been to help any cat regardless of age, temperament or behavioural problems, be they wild or tame. The cats in our care are given a high standard of veterinary care and we strongly believe in spaying and neutering as a responsible part of pet ownership. The cats that are difficult to re-home are given the chance to live out their days in a peaceful home environment with the freedom of the country garden that surrounds the sanctuary.

Our work with feral cats involves spaying and neutering complete colonies and giving any necessary veterinary treatment.

We believe that every cat deserves a chance to have a safe, caring and peaceful place to live and enjoy the rest of their lives. It’s surprising how often a cat that has the most difficult and anti-social habits and behaviour can change with love, care and lots of patience.

Catastrophes believe that every life saved is worth the effort it takes and with your support more cats in need will have a bright future.

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